Thursday, June 13, 2013

Blue Plate Diner

I am a graduate of West Jordan High School and am proud to be counted among some wonderful Jaguar alumni, but I blogged about that a few days ago, you can read all about that here. This month's breakfast gathering was at a little hole in the wall called Blue Plate Diner!

It has been my experience that oftentimes these little hole in the wall places are the absolute best finds! I would say that applies to Blue Plate Diner!

This place is hopping busy! The ambiance is friendly old style awesomeness! Even more perfect with a little bit of old America thrown in with the old ads around the room and the old license plates! Really liked the Presidential place mats!

I ordered the "Classic with Meat" with bacon, of course! Darwin so perfectly described their bacon by saying it is "to die for"!

Have you been there? What do you think?