Thursday, July 4, 2013

KFC - something's different

KFC, or Kentucky Fried Chicken, just to be clear! The above is a typical two piece meal, two pieces of original recipe chicken, one side and a biscuit. Hmm...something is different...but what?

Here's a closer look at the chicken....still look like normal pieces of KFC chicken? Or does it?

There's something missing? Yep, no can now get boneless original recipe chicken in your meals and buckets. If it isn't one of the meals already set up for boneless, you just pay 25 cents per piece to substitute boneless. 

I had to wonder how this would be different from their Original Recipe bites, except for size! I have had the opportunity to eat this on two occasions. The first time didn't really taste the original recipe flavor much. The second was a lot closer in taste! Some of you may have seen the commercial for this product, which made me laugh and roll my eyes the first time I saw it:

Now, in reality it isn't quite as shocking and as you can see above, the box didn't have the same crumb stuff left, but I gotta say it was nice to not have the bones and it didn't seem as messy or greasy to eat. I do wish there was more of the original recipe flavor, but, yes, I would pay the extra money for less hassle and mess.

The KFC twitter account is asking for pics of your "I ate the bones" moment and giving away free "chicken checks"to some of the entrants, so I did one better and wrote this review! Here is my entry, what do you think?

So, try it out, tell me what you think! What is your favorite, original recipe or extra crispy? What is your must have side dish? I'm definitely original recipe with mashed potatoes and gravy! Although, gotta say, I like the old gravy much better than this newer one...and, yes, I know it's been years since the change! Ok, go, eat, and share your thoughts below! Enjoy!